House Extension FAQ’s

Below you will find a selection of questions that customers have asked us about the process of having an extension built. We understand that choosing the right building company for this work can be a worrying process and would love to hear any of your concerns.

If you have a question – please contact us. After all, at the very least your query will help us to build this section of our website.

Your Questions

Q: Will your workmen need to use our bathroom whilst our extension is built?
No we have a portable toilet on the site of every house extension

Q: Once work begins how likely is it that my price will go up?
Not very!  Due to our vast amount of knowledge & experience we nearly always identify any potential problems at the design stage.  This virtually eliminates costly over sights.

Q: What happens if we come across a problem during the project?
We will run through the additional work needed and provide you with a price for this work.  No additional work is ever done without it being agreed by client first.

Q: During the work will I ever be without central heating or hot water?
Not if we can help it!  Our aim is to never leave you without central heating or hot water. Occasionally this is not possible, however we guarantee you will never be without central heating or hot water for more than 24 Hours.  In these circumstances we will work with you to arrange the best time to carry out these works.

Q: Will I ever be without electricity?
We will never leave you without lighting or electricity

Q:How are payments made, will I be asked for a deposit?
We never ask for money before your extension building work has started. Although staged payments are preferred – the first instalment is usually payable after completion of the building foundations. Further instalments will be payable at pre-agreed stages of your building project.

Q: What happens if we want to make a change to the design once work has begun?
We understand that customers often want to make changes to the extension design once work has started!  We are happy to work with you to advise what is possible and also if there are any alterations to the price.

Q: Will I ever be without a toilet?
We will never leave you without a working toilet.